Autostart programs on macOS: how to add applications to autostart

Autostart programs on macOS - a feature that allows you to select programs, documents, files and other items,

which will automatically open when you start or sign in to Mac.

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It’s very convenient to add autostart applications,which you use constantly. For example, you can automatically open Mail, Safari, and Messages every time you turn on your Mac. Let the computer do all the work for you.

How to Install Autostart Applications on Mac

  1. Log in your account on mac.
  2. Open up Systemic settings.
  3. Select Users and groups in the System section.
  4. Select your account in the menu on the left.
  5. Select tab Entry Objects.
  6. Click icon "+" at the bottom of the plate and select the program or other element on which you want to set autorun.

Now, the next time you launch your Mac, the program of your choice will open automatically.

You can also just drag and dropprograms in the window with the list. This method is convenient for those elements that are difficult to find through the Finder. If the desired program is in the dock, you can quickly add autorun through it. Just click on the program in the dock with the right mouse button, select Options, and then Open at the entrance.



How to hide autorun programs

In the table with startup items, you may notice a “Hide” column. If you put a checkmark next to the program in it, it will open at startup, but will not be displayed in the window.

This is convenient when you need to programimmediately began to work, but did not occupy the entire desktop. This also applies to menu items that should be launched, but they do not need to open in a window at all.

When you open the list of startup programs, thenYou will see that it already has several programs. Some programs automatically enable autorun during installation, but this happens with your permission.

Autostart programs can simplify your work for the Mac, but do not get carried away. If you set autostart on too many applications and elements, it will only interfere and slow down macOS startup.