Auto concern Hyundai will produce robotic dogs

Hyundai Motor Group became the owner of 80 percent of Boston Dynamics, the creator of the famous

robotic dogs. Together, they will create "a production chain from robotic components to smart logistics solutions."

Hyundai Motor Group had to pay about $ 880mln. The group of companies is not the first owner of Boston Dynamics. In 2013, Alphabet bought the latter, and in 2017 SoftBank bought the company. Hyundai Motor Group has now struck a deal with SoftBank.

The new owner stated that Boston Dynamicswill continue to develop robotic development. For this, specialists now have an inflow of finance and access to Hyundai's technical developments, as well as factories for mass production. In the future, the new owner would like to create humanoid robots.

Now Boston Dynamics' most famous are the Spot robot dog and the Atlas bipedal robot.