Automatic Russian system will not allow drunk employees to work

In particular, we are talking about pre-trip checks of drivers of public and commercial vehicles. Now

they can be carried out remotely - the system designed for this was developed by MedPoint24 and NtechLab (part of Rostec Group of Companies).

According to the developers, for verificationA software and hardware complex will be used, which includes an IR thermometer, a camera with face recognition technology, a tonometer for measuring pressure and a breathalyzer.

A stationary complex for an "inhuman" sobriety test (they will be installed at motor depots and in the offices of transport companies) costs 180,000 rubles, a portable one - 130,000 rubles.

When registering an employee, the systemphotographs it and enters into the database with reference to all medical indicators. In the future, the user independently authorizes in the system, says an NtechLab representative.

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