Autonomous sports car crashed into a fence two seconds after the start of the race

A team of engineers from Roborace SIT Acronis Autonomous reported that their autonomous racing car crashed into a fence in

time of the first stage of testing in the competitionSeason Beta 1.1. They do not yet know what exactly caused the failure, but the researchers have already ruled out that the car was prevented by poor conditions on the track. The car was not supposed to fit into a sharp turn and did not interact with other devices.

Journalists from Engadget point out that thiswas not the only autonomous car to run into problems. The Autonomous Racing Graz device, immediately after the start of the race, was unable to select the correct positioning on the track, for which the engineers had to interrupt the race.

“All this illustrates the problems associated withusing AI on a real race track. Unlike cars that drive off-road, racers have to move systematically at high speeds, where there is no time to make decisions and respond to hazards. This is exactly what Roborace is trying to do - teams must improve their AI to such an extent that it can cope with these tasks in an automatic mode, ”notes the author of the publication.

Roborace is a self-driving car racing game thatconduct races within the framework of the stages of Formula E (FIA Formula E Championship). The goal of these competitions is to demonstrate the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in high-tech sports.

The championship is held in ten stages, withthe same tracks where real street races take place. All teams receive two identical machines, but they must use their computational algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies. Races last a maximum of an hour. The first races took place in the summer of 2019 in Spain.

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