American combat laser will be tested using drones

Information appeared on the network that the US military has successfully tested a drone, which in the future

it is planned to be used when working with the latest shipborne combat laser.

So, according to data published by the publicationdefense-aerospace, tests of the novelty were carried out on a ship off the coast of Port Uenham in California. At the same time, the US Navy's Shipbuilding and Armaments Command recognized the tests as successful.

It should be noted that within the framework of thetests, the drone was equipped with a mass-dimensional model of the armed system. This was done in order to roughly estimate the parameters of laser weapons. A full-fledged working digital system that will be used will be designed to test the ship's LWSD combat laser.

Recall that today the militarythe US command is simultaneously carrying out several major developments in the field of shipborne laser combat systems. They, according to available data, are planned to be used to destroy targets such as surface ships, cruise missiles, UAVs, helicopters, and so on.