American telecom operator will provide students with free Internet

The American telecom operator T-Mobile announced last year that it intends to provide millions of schoolchildren

free Internet. The company has now revealed details of the initiative.

T-Mobile announced that it has committed $ 10.7 billion for a project that will span the next decade. Its goal is to make the Internet accessible to children from low-income families.

The company said that even before the pandemic, more9 million American schoolchildren did not have access to the Internet and could not do their homework. Now, many children are studying remotely due to coronavirus infection, and the need for the Internet could become even higher.

School administrations can apply for participationin a programme. Educational institutions will then distribute access points and devices to children. Each family can get a free hotspot and 100 GB of traffic for a year. This is not to say that this is a lot, but it may be enough for homework.