Analysts predict replacement of Touch ID with face recognition in iPhone 8

Analysts publish a lot of exciting messages - now, a few months before

the long-awaited iPhone 8, professionals argue that Apple's new flagship will be able to demonstrate to users.

According to MacRumors, an American analystJPMorgan Bank Rod Hall suggests iPhone 8 will receive 3D laser scanning technology for face recognition. The reason for this choice of Apple, in his opinion, is the planned abandonment of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner (as well as from the Home button) and allotment of the entire surface of the screen to the display. Hall also believes that face recognition technology can be implemented in the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, which are rumored to be released this year along with the iPhone 8.



This is not the first time we have heard these rumors - both focused on facial recognition and scanning the iris.

The analyst also claims that the cost of a newthe scanner may exceed $ 15 per module for Apple itself, which will cause higher product prices. To this we can add the glass and stainless steel components expected in the new model, wireless charging and a new OLED display, on the basis of which Hall predicts that in order to maintain the company's profit level, it will have to increase the cost of the new iPhone by at least $ 100 compared to previous models .

The version is consistent with one of the previous publications, according to which the iPhone 8 will cost at least a thousand dollars.



Rod Hall believes the transition to a new systemsecurity will attract more entrepreneurs and banking institutions to use Apple Pay (which would be beneficial for Apple), and will also eliminate some claims related to the insecurity of Touch ID in wet conditions. However, one of the central capabilities of this technology may be the implementation of augmented reality technologies in the future:

“The obvious and perhaps the most interestingthe application will be the experience of augmented or virtual reality, where the user's hands and other objects will be scanned and integrated into the field of view provided by the iPhone, built into a set of type Google Daydream. This will open up many interesting gaming and entertainment opportunities that are not available today, and may give Apple a certain advantage over Google and other companies in the field of virtual and augmented reality. "

In general, analysts agree on the iPhone 8: they all predict its high cost and advanced features.