Announced a free game about the war of the USSR with NATO

Developer Drakeling Labs has announced a new free game about the war between the USSR and NATO. It's about a title called

Operation: Harsh Doorstop, which is reported to be a multi-player tactical shooter.

In the universe of the game in 1992, a conflict occurred between Soviet troops and NATO forces. Gamers, in turn, will be given the opportunity to play for the side of the North Atlantic Alliance.

It is noted that the upcoming Operation game: Harsh Doorstop will appear in early access in the popular digital distribution service Steam as early as next year, and you can download it absolutely free. In addition, according to developers, the game will not have built-in in-game purchases, microtransactions, and more.

The authors also shared that over time the gamecan integrate new factions, weapons, various cars. It is also assumed that the game can get more realistic mechanics. At the moment, the game page has already appeared on Steam.