Unc0ver jailbreak bug can automatically upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13.5.1

Yesterday, Apple released the iOS 13.5.1 update, fixing the 0-day vulnerability that Unc0ver jailbreak exploits. If you

there is a jailbreak, be sure to turn off the auto-update feature. If you do not have a jailbreak, but it interests you, it is better to install it now.

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Pwn20wnd developer from the Unc0ver team at homeTwitter wrote that in the latest version of the Unc0ver tool there is a bug that activates auto-update. Even if you turned off the feature, your iPhone can still update automatically.

The only solution to this problem while everyone is waitingThe release of the update is to enable the auto-update function in the Unc0ver settings and reinstall the jailbreak. You can also use jailbreak tweaks like OTAdisabler, which exclude automatic updates.

Apple is still signing iOS 13.5, so you can even roll back to this version. However, soon the signature will be closed, so hurry up. IOS version 13.5.1 does not contain any improvements or new features, so there is no point in installing it.

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