More than 20% of Russians under 55 have not used the Internet for over a month

During the year, on a daily basis, specialists interview more than 38 thousand people at random by telephone.

compatriots. One of the key questions: "Have you used the Internet at least once in the last 30 days?"

According to Mediascope, for July-August thisyears, the Internet has not been encountered recently, by their own admission, 26.8 million Russians over the age of 12. The Web-Index project reflects the overall Internet behavior of 122.4 million people living both in megacities and in small towns and villages. Thus, in mid-2020, almost 22% of the population did not use the Internet.

It is noted that 20.9 million people of them -citizens aged 55 and over. This is due to the fact that not all representatives of the older generation in Russia have access to the network yet. Another 5.9 million of those who do not use the Internet are people under the age of 55.

In other age groups, the situationthe opposite: the proportion of men who say they have not gone online is higher than the proportion of women. For example, 6% of men aged 25–34 years are not users, the same indicator for women of the same age is less than 4%. In general, out of 5.9 million people under 55 who are still not familiar with the Internet, more than 3.3 million are men, almost 2.6 million are women.

According to the Director General of the Research InstituteKaren Ghazaryan's Internet connection, among the younger generation, the use of the network is neglected either by the so-called conservatives, or youth living below the poverty line.

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