More than 30 million people in the world are infected with COVID-19

According to the latest data from the university, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world has reached 30,003,378.

942,989 patients with COVID-19. Over 20.3 million cases have recovered over the entire period.

In Russia, according to the federal operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, 1,085,281 cases of infection were registered, 895,868 people recovered, 19,061 died.

The leader among countries in the world in terms of incidenceremain the United States. More than 6.6 million cases of COVID-19 have been identified there. 197 thousand people died, 2.5 million people recovered. In second place is India - 5.1 million cases, 83 thousand deaths, 4 million recovered. The third is Brazil - 4.4 million people are infected, 134 thousand people died, 3.8 million people recovered.

Russia is in fourth place in the worldstatistics. According to the national operational headquarters for the fight against the virus, as of September 18, there were 1.09 million cases in the country. 19 thousand people died, more than 900 thousand people recovered.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 a pandemic.

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