Over 350 people contract unknown disease in India

Residents with symptoms of an unknown disease began to be admitted to hospitals on December 5, and the very next day they

the number has reached 315. Among the hospitalized there are 46 children and 70 women. On the eve of one of the patients died.

Patients were hospitalized with complaints ofdizziness and seizures, sudden fainting, frothing at the mouth and trembling. All Indians admitted to medical institutions tested negative for coronavirus.

The local health authorities reported that 180 cases have already been discharged from the hospital. They noted that, in general, treatment is passing quickly and patients are on the mend.

The cause of the disease cannot be established.Experts from the Institute of Medical Sciences will find out the circumstances of the new epidemic. At the moment, the hospitalized were taken tests of fluids, food and blood in order to establish the cause of the disease. Experts are considering several options, including: poisoning from air pollution or from eating spoiled food.

We will remind that earlier it became known that an outbreak of an unknown disease occurred in Senegal.

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