British vaccine helps older volunteers develop immunity to COVID-19

Blood tests for immunogenicity among elderly volunteers were similar to those that were

taken from healthy adults aged 18–55 years.

If they have data that shows thatthe vaccine generates good immunity in the age group over 55, and this [use of the vaccine] is also accompanied by a good response [of the body] in even older people, then I think this is a promising sign.

Jonathan Ball, professor of virology at the University of Nottingham

According to the publication, the most problematic factorthe invention of the vaccine is age. Elderly patients have a weakened immune system, and this can make the vaccine ineffective for them.

Final results of the third stagevaccine trials will come when all the data for this age group has been analyzed. The FT notes that the blood test results of elderly study participants will soon be published in a medical journal.

The third phase of trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine is underway in the UK, Brazil, India, South Africa, Japan and is due to start again in the US soon.

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