British scientists: over three months, immunity to COVID-19 is sharply reduced

Scientists have analyzed the immune response of more than 90 patients and paramedics of two London hospitals.

It is established that three weeks after the appearancesymptoms, people reached the peak of antibodies in their blood, but after three months, only 17% of the study participants remained highly immune to infection.

in this case, you may need to take the vaccine again.

According to lead author of the study, Katie Dores, the findings from their study can be of serious importance to scientists who are trying to invent vaccines for coronavirus.

If after a disease a person developsantibodies that disappear in two to three months with the vaccine may happen the same. Therefore, patients may need re-immunization, as one dose of the vaccine may not be enough.

Katie Dores, lead author of the study.

Recall that in Russia, trials of a vaccine againstcoronaviruses are in full swing: volunteers from both groups formed an immune response after drug administration. The final stage of the test begins.

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