Vaccine from COVID-19. Who develops and when to wait for it?

Who is developing the vaccine at the moment?

  • USA

Today, July 15, it became known that American

Scientists have completed the first phase of clinical trials of an experimental vaccine against coronavirus. Antibodies against the causative agent COVID-19 were detected in volunteers who took part in the testing.

Coronavirus experimental vaccinedeveloped by the Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Moderna, elicited an immune response in early clinical trials. The study showed that some antibodies were produced after a single dose of the vaccine, however, four weeks later a second dose was required, after which the vaccine elicited a strong immune response in all 45 volunteers. No serious side effects were detected.

On Wednesday, July 14, Reuters, citing a sourcein the administration of President Donald trump reported that US pharmaceutical companies will begin mass production of a vaccine against coronavirus in four to six weeks. By the end of 2021, the country plans to release 300 million doses of the drug.

  • Russia

Clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus infection in the first group of volunteers showed the safety of the new drug, the Russian Defense Ministry said today, July 15.

Clinical trials of the drug conductedThe Ministry of Defense together with the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei. All 18 volunteers completed their participation in the studies and were discharged from the branch of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after N. N. Burdenko, the report said.

However, during tests conducted inSechenov University, volunteers in the first days after the injection experienced an increase in temperature. According to Anna Gutkina, who took part in the tests, in the first two days she had a temperature of 38 and chills. Paracetamol was able to relieve these symptoms. The woman noted that she had no loss of smell.

In total, almost 50 types of coronavirus vaccines are being created at the current stage of the pandemic in Russia. All of them are developed both by state research centers and private research companies.

  • China

One vaccine in China already licensedfor use in the Armed Forces. This is a fifth type of adenovirus vector vaccine. In the stage of preclinical trials in the world are 132 drugs.

A week ago, the country completed constructionCoronavirus vaccine production workshop. According to the People's Daily Online newspaper, citing the China National Biotechnology Group, a production facility located in Wuhan will annually manufacture and produce 100 million COVID-19 vaccines. Also, specifically for testing, Chinese scientists have created COVID-19 susceptible genetically modified mice that can test vaccines and drugs for coronavirus infection. Testing is ongoing.

  • Italy

In Italy - the second country after China, muchaffected by coronavirus - scientists are also working on a medicine. The vaccine is being tested by Takis. So far we are talking about animal testing. The medicine was obtained on the basis of a fragment of the genetic material of the virus.

In the event that the test results are satisfactory, it will be possible to begin testing in humans. However, this will most likely happen only in the fall, company representatives say.

  • Japan

In early July, it became known that JapaneseCOVID-19 DNA Vaccine Developer, AnGes Inc. started clinical trials in two groups of 30 volunteers. The safety of the vaccine has been confirmed in clinical trials. The second phase of the coronavirus vaccine test will last until July 28, after which the Gamalei Institute will apply for registration.

DNA vaccine trials conducted on 30 healthyadults at the Osaka University Hospital. This vaccine contains DNA of a spike protein, which is located on the surface of the virus. Researchers suggest that the immune system of the vaccinated person will begin to produce antibodies that will prevent coronavirus infection.

Clinical trial participants willvaccinated twice with an interval of two weeks. At the same time, 15 people will receive a larger dose of the vaccine, while others will be given a smaller one. Then scientists will analyze the results of patients in both groups.

How are sick people treated now?

Note that at the moment there is no specific treatment for coronavirus, only symptomatic. The vaccine is under development. Therefore, if you are sick, you must:

  • observe bed rest;
  • drink plenty of fluids;
  • rinse your nose with saline solutions;
  • regularly ventilate the room;
  • bring down heat if necessary.

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