The US Air Force first tested the THOR microwave gun to destroy groups of drones with one shot

Many countries are looking for capable protection against unmanned aerial vehicles. The USA is one of them.

The US Air Force Research Laboratory conducted the first test of an experimental weapon.

What is known

The gun was named Tactical High-powerOperational Responder, (THOR). It is able to counteract drones that can work alone, in small groups or unite in huge swarms.

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THOR container complex is positioned aspoint means of air defense. The system includes a powerful microwave gun that can shoot down drones at short distances.

In a press release from the Air Force Research LaboratoryThe US says the test passed on April 5, 2023. American experts tested the air defense system at the Kirtland base in New Mexico.

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The purpose of the April test was to testcorrespondence of real indicators to computer models. Representatives of the US Air Force Research Laboratory did not specify how many drones were used and how many of them the system was able to hit. The press release says only that THOR successfully disables several drones simultaneously by overheating their electronics.

Despite the fact that the April test was the firstlarge-scale test of the microwave gun, the US Air Force Research Laboratory previously conducted two demonstrations. In 2019, THOR successfully hit one drone. A year later, the operation of the gun was demonstrated abroad, but no details are available.