The US Air Force lifted a sunken F-15 Eagle fighter jet at Kingsley Field in Oregon with a 400-tonne crane.

The fourth-generation fighter F-15D Eagle unexpectedly ended up in an irrigation canal in mid-May.

It took the US Air Force almost two weeks to raise the plane.

What is known

The incident took place on May 14 at the base of the NationalGuards "Kingsley Field" (Kingsley Field), Oregon. The plane landed, but after landing, it left the base's runway and landed in an irrigation canal.

Due to limited space, the US Air Force had toto purchase a special crane weighing 400 tons, with which it was possible to lift the F-15D fighter. Before that, the Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau of Reclamation) lowered the water so that specialists could fix the plane.

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Colonel Micah Lambertthe deputy commander of the 173rd Fighter Wing, noted that after the accident, scheduled water sampling was carried out. Specialists managed to prevent leakage of oil products.

The US Air Force has not yet been in a hurry to report the severitydamage and recovery time of the aircraft. In total, only 18 F-15D Eagle fighters remained in service with the service. In the near future, they will all be replaced by the newer F-15EX Eagle II.