The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has forbidden to serve buyers without masks

Earlier, representatives of the Smolensk Center for Law and Sociology filed a lawsuit in court: they wanted to challenge

methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade,concerning cases of introduction in the regions of the regime of obligatory wearing of protective masks and gloves. In particular, the point that if there is a visitor on the territory of a shopping facility without PPE (personal protective equipment), then employees must first inform him that it is necessary to use a mask and gloves, and otherwise refuse to serve him.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that the law “Onprotection of the population and territory from natural and man-made emergencies ”allows the authorities to introduce mandatory rules of conduct in high alert regimes. A similar obligation is regulated in the law "On the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population."

If the visitor does not agree to comply with such requirements, the representative of the trade organization, without entering into conflict with the offender, has the right to refuse the visitor in service at the checkout.

The court's decision

Human rights defenders, however, considered that this paragraphviolates the law on the protection of consumer rights, which does not allow the purchase of some goods to be conditional on the mandatory purchase of some others (masks and gloves).

The director of the Smolensk Center for Law and Sociology, a member of the regional Public Chamber Alexey Peshchanitski said that he had already appealed against the refusal of the Supreme Court.

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