NVIDIA MX450 graphics for 1080p gaming on thin laptops

The results of tests of the new generation NVIDIA video card for notebooks - MX450 appeared on the network. It turned out that she

33% faster than its predecessor MX350.

It is assumed that at the heart of the MX450 video cardlies the Turing architecture, namely the TU117 GPU. That is the same as used in the GTX 1650. The configuration is 896 CUDA cores and 16 ROPs. In addition, there is support for PCI Express 4.0.

There will be three variants of the MX450: low profile, standard and top end. Each of the versions is made in a different form factor. The low profile is specially made for extremely thin laptops, the standard is just for thin laptops, and the top-end is for normal-sized devices.

The top MX450 with a TDP of 28-30W is approachingperformance to a GTX 1050 graphics card with 3 GB, and under some conditions even surpasses it. That is, the novelty can provide a comfortable game in 1080p resolution. The standard version of the video card is slightly behind the top-end version, so we can conclude that gaming on thin laptops will also be comfortable.