The virtual Home button on the iPhone 8 will be able to resize and hide

Apple's HomePod update a few weeks ago already revealed a lot of details about the upcoming iPhone 8. In

This time, developer Steve Troton-Smith discovered that the virtual Home button on the iPhone 8 will be able to resize depending on the content of the screen.

According to Steve, no application will bego to the territory of the Home button, but in some cases it can be hidden. For example, when playing a video in full screen. So far, there is no API with a button color change for developers, so expect it in the color that will stand out on any background.



Previous reports said that on the iPhone 8there will be a functional area where the virtual Home button will be displayed. The smartphone will have a 5.8-inch OLED display, but only 5.15 inches should be used, the rest of the surface will be occupied by the functional area. This part of the display will be intended for system use, like the touchbar on the new MacBook Pro.

Steve Troton Smith also found status optionsbar on the iPhone 8 with a "notch" in the middle. Designer Oliver Charavel created his sketch for these dimensions. The sketch shows two parts of the status bar with the signal level and battery percentage, but it is not yet clear where the remaining icons will be displayed.