Apple Watch owners report GPS issues with watchOS 7

Several Apple Watch owners who have updated to watchOS 7 report an issue related to the lack of

GPS map data after recording a workout in the Apple Workout app. More on the watchOS 7 bug below.

Opinions about watchOS 7

Multiple users of Apple smartwatchesare reporting an issue in the forums that was first noted in the Apple Support Community thread by a user who updated their iPhone XS Max to iOS 14 and Apple Watch Series 4 to watchOS 7.

Later I went for a walk. I used the Walk in the Fresh Air option on my watch, but this time I didn't bring my iPhone with me. When I went back and tried to upload the activity to Strava, I received a warning that there was no GPS / route data. I checked the Fitness and Health apps and made sure there was no route on the map - just the starting point.

I spoke to someone at Apple Support, andthey suggested that I disable / re-enable several related privacy settings. Since then I have tried another outdoor activity, no phone, and the problem persists - no GPS / route data.

And here's another tip

My wife tried the same tonight toomost, after updating your iPhone X and S4 Watch. She had the same results - that is, with only the watch, the GPS / route information was not saved with the activity.

There is currently a thread of discussion on thiswatchOS 7 issues is 16 pages long and includes several users reporting similar GPS tracking issues on Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5.

In most cases, users writeworkout on their watch, leaving their iPhone at home, but when they later look at the Activity app, it only shows the starting point of the workout on the GPS map and nothing else. Some users have also reported sync issues with Strava and issues with additional workout statistics, including heart rate information.

It's unclear what is causing the problems, but Apple is obviously aware of them, so hopefully a solution is in development in watchOS 7.1, which was released to developers in beta last week.