Instead of blue and coral iPhone XR 2019 will be released in green and lilac colors

For the 2019 iPhone XR, Apple may change the color palette. Coral and blue options can be replaced by green

and lilac.

Over the weekend, information appeared in Japaneseblog post. New color options are the best way to tell everyone that you have a new iPhone when the design remains the same. The current iPhone XR is available in six colors: black, white, blue, yellow, coral and red PRODUCT (RED).



Black and white are standard options thatit’s not going anywhere, but it’s strange that it is the blue and coral variants that want to be replaced. Many consider yellow the worst option. Apparently, coral and blue are the least popular options.

Blue and orange are often used by manufacturers of Android smartphones, and people like these colors. However, it is a matter of taste, and Apple knows better what colors are sold.

Use attractive colors for peoplevery important, especially when there are a lot of color options. Shops have to pick colors at random, because in advance they don’t know which ones will be sold more and which ones less. It is hoped that the best red color will not be removed.