Air taxi from Airbus will fly at a speed of 120 km / h without a pilot

The new NextGen air taxi looks like a lift-and-cruise hybrid design: it has six

vertical lifting supports, which are located on short arms. There are two rotors at the back for extra lift - part of the V-tail design.

There are only four seats on the plane and one of themwill take a pilot, but the company plans to make its development completely autonomous. The maximum flight speed is 120 km / h and the range is 80 km. After the aircraft has covered this distance, it needs to fully recharge its lithium-ion battery.

All these indicators, in comparison with competitors, for example EVTOL, are quite average. Perhaps this configuration is specifically designed for flights within the same city.

The structure, according to the company, creates noiseat a level of 70 dB at the landing stage, this can be compared to a conventional vacuum cleaner. Airbus does not plan to provide transportation services, but intends to sell aircraft to service providers.

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