One hundred million years old microbes "resurrected"

Japanese scientists "resurrected" ancient microbes that are one hundred million years old. All this time they lay in clay

tens of meters below the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Now the germs were lifted out of there and they were able to eat and multiply.

Researchers found bacteria in cores recovered fromdepths up to 74.5 meters below the bottom. Microbes were identified by fluorescent staining. They were supplemented with nutrients and oxygen at a low concentration.

The age of the clay samples from the bottom ranged from 4.3 to101.5 million years. Organisms from various groups were found in almost all samples. For 68 days from the beginning of the experiment, some microbes have increased their numbers tens of thousands of times.

As a result, the researchers were able to resume vital activity, practically resurrect, in about 99.1% of the microorganisms found.