Here's a twist: Huawei is not interested in Qualcomm processors

Qualcomm recently received a license from the US government to renew its partnership with Huawei.

However, it seems that it is not worth waiting for smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer with Snapdragon processors.


Zhang Pingan, PresidentHuawei's cloud services business said the company is not particularly interested in Qualcomm chips. The fact is that the license issued by Qualcomm contains one important condition: Huawei is prohibited from supplying processors with 5G support.

Of course, Huawei could receive chips from Qualcomm with4G, but she is not interested in them. At the same time, suppliers report that the company's orders for the production of 4G smartphones are starting to grow. Nevertheless, Huawei is primarily interested in fifth-generation networks.

Zhang Pingan emphasized that Huawei appreciates the efforts Qualcomm has made to reopen the partnership.

Let us remind you that AMD, Intel,Samsung, Sony and many others, but all of them were not allowed to supply 5G equipment. But rumor has it that Huawei is going to build a factory to manufacture its own chips without using US technology.

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