The oldest lizard of the Triassic period was found in Vladivostok

As the head of the laboratory of paleontology of the Institute of Geology and Nature Management of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri said

Bolotsky, while traveling to Russky Islandthe participants in the educational project found a broken stone slab with rib prints and bone fragments. Scientists have confirmed that this is an ichthyosaur.

Yuri Bolotsky specially came to Vladivostok to investigate the found remains.

The ribs of an ichthyosaur were most likely found. These creatures lived in all seas. In particular, for Russky Island, this is the second such find: parts of the remains were found from Magadan to the south of Primorye. However, what was found the day before is already a more or less voluminous find. In addition, a part is in the breed. The material needs to be dissected, and maybe the most important part of the skeleton - the skull - will end up there. But his head could have been torn off 220 million years ago.

Yuri Bolotsky, Head of the Paleontology Laboratory, Institute of Geology and Environmental Management, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences

Ichthyosaurus is believed to have lived 247 million years ago. Perhaps this is one of the oldest marine lizards of the Triassic period, which was found on the territory of our country.

According to Bolotsky, ichthyosaurus,presumably tropical, very peculiar and most likely refers to durophages. So he crushed shells and ate shellfish. Part of the rock with the remains was transferred for further research to the Primorsky Oceanarium.

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