Time to Shoot: Epic Games Store Give Out God’s Trigger and Enter the Gungeon

Deliberately or accidentally, the new distribution in the Epic Games Store turned out to be themed.

What to play

For gamers

will give Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger, in which players will have to dodge bullets and put lead on their enemies.

Enter the Gungeon - a roguelike where no weaponsshoots bullets and bullets shoot guns. In the story, a group of adventurers travels to the Gungeon to find an artifact that can kill the past. On the way, you will have to shoot a lot, dodge and flip the shelter tables.

One of the features of Enter the Gungeon isa variety of weapons, creating which the developers have embodied the wildest fantasies. Cannons are found in chests, and after death the player loses everything. It's a bagel.

God’s Trigger is a top-down shooter,telling the story of the angel Harry and the demon Ida, who went to kill the four deadly sins. The villains found their modern appearance, but did not become less dangerous.

Therefore, the heroes go to war, in which they will have to destroy crowds of enemies in order to get to the main evil. The game stands out for its colorful visual style, gore and co-op.

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