Samsung's second generation flexible smartphone is indeed stronger than the first

Blogger Zach Nelson, host of YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, tested the second generation of flexible smartphone

Samsung - Galaxy Z Fold 2. It seems that the company took into account the shortcomings of the previous device and made the new product more durable.

Zach's test included shedding a smartphonedirt, and this is a serious test for a device with hinged mounts of different body parts. The blogger said that the device continued to open and close smoothly after the test. That is, Samsung has well protected the mechanism of the device.

Ruggedness was one of the main things Samsung promised during the Z Fold 2 announcement. It looks like the company did a really good job of fixing the bugs, and the novelty has become stronger.

However, not everything is smooth with the Z Fold 2. Its flexible screen scratches just as easily as its predecessor.