Get out and get right: Amazon's Crucible shooter returns to closed beta with 180 people online

Despite the successful launch, Crucible did not take off, and now the game is sent back to the hangar called

"Closed beta test."

What is known

Relentless Studios canceled the release, sending the game for revision. Until July 1, 19:00 in Kiev, the game will be free to download and register, and after those who wish will have to submit an application on the site.

There will be no reset, and the developerswill transfer to the "beta" earned items with experience. In addition, the game will have a combat pass and an in-game store. Developers note that nothing will change for Crucible users, but every week developers will arrange games with the community and collect feedback.

To all this, Relentless Studios plan to organize a council of participants in beta testing. At the same time, “chairpersons” will be gamers of different skill levels - from pro-players to “casuals”.

Restrictions on the creation of content for the game are also not introduced. Players will be able to continue to share screenshots, create videos and talk about their experiences.

Crucible caught attention on release day 25thousand players, but a week later online went down to 2,500 gamers. Now, the project collects 180 players daily. On Steam, players left mixed reviews, shooting mechanics, character skills, and a weak technical component.

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