IPhone 8 release may be delayed until October-November

A new report from the Chinese daily Economic Daily News reports that Apple may delay the launch of iPhone 8 until

October or even November due to production problems. The company faced technical difficulties with installing curved OLED panels and a 3D selfie camera.

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Typically, Apple launches a new iPhone eachSeptember; however, reports predicting an iPhone release delay appear almost every year. However, this time they may turn out to be true due to technical difficulties associated with the production of components that Apple wants to use in its new iPhone.

According to this forecast, technical problems,associated with the installation of curved OLED panels and the introduction of 3D recognition systems, may cause the late launch of new iPhone devices.

Economic Daily News article mentions separatelya delay in the release of OLED panels and the 3D camera system that will be used in the premium model of iPhone 8. Thus, it is quite possible that Apple will introduce the next iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s Plus in September, and a separate launch will be made for the iPhone 8 event this year. Previous reports also said that this would be due to supply chain problems.

Pro version of iPhone 8 reportedly devoid ofThe physical Home button has a curved OLED screen, a new glass design and much more. Since there will be no Home button on the next iPhone, the “functional area” is instead located at the bottom of the phone. These new features, however, will raise the price of the premium version of the iPhone 8 to $ 1,000.