Unc0ver v5.2.1 jailbreak update with bug fixes released

Almost a month later, the first update of the unc0ver jailbreak tool was released. The latest available version is now 5.2.1.

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Announced the update as usual on Twitter. Apparently, the new version is mainly aimed at fixing bugs.

Here are the changes that unc0ver v5.2.1 contains:

- Fixed bugs in the device compatibility manager.
- Fixed a bug for improved performance.
- Fixed a bug in the installation process on A7-A8 devices.
- Allows jailbreak with damaged / tmp directory.

If you already have an older version of the jailbreak, we recommend installing the unc0ver v5.2.1 update for bug fixes. This is not a beta version, but a full public release.

The latest available unc0ver jailbreak version is available for free from unc0ver.dev. You can also use our installation instructions.