It was revealed which fire-resistant forests are now on the verge of extinction

During the study, scientists found that only 10% of the remaining wood remains fireproof. Experts

warn that protecting this type of forest is critical to preventing catastrophic fires.

Deforestation exacerbatesrecurring peatland fires in the Indonesian Islands region. They cause global greenhouse gas emissions and toxic haze throughout Southeast Asia.

Over the past five years, Indonesia has burned down a patch of rainforest and peat bogs larger than the Netherlands, according to Greenpeace.

However, research shows that adjacent areas of pristine forest are not prone to burning out even in the current drought conditions.

Dr. Tadas Nikonovas of Swansea University,The study's lead author explains: “Pristine rainforests are naturally fire resistant because of the humid and cool microclimate they maintain, effectively acting as a fire barrier. However, they are becoming more and more vulnerable. "

However, research also shows that currently only a small fraction (~ 10%) of the remaining total tropical forest cover remains fire resistant.

The rest (~ 90%) is highly fragmented or destroyed, and therefore can no longer maintain a fire-resistant microclimate.

It is important to note that fire-resistant forests currently cover only 3% of the region's peatlands, leaving large amounts of climate-critical carbon vulnerable to combustion.