You will save much more if, instead of "tariff races", you connect mobile communications and home Internet from one operator

Wholesale is always cheaper. This will be confirmed by your grandmother, who bought a bag of onions and potatoes from a seller with

bargaining, and a student who is one monthlyI paid for my access to films by subscription and got a discount on grocery delivery or taxi. And only in the case of the Internet, we still go to different offices (in every sense of the word) to pay for wired megabits separately from smartphone gigabytes and minutes. Now we will tell you why it is unprofitable to do this, and how much you will save if you pay for your home wired Internet and mobile phone rates from one operator.

Table of contents

  • Since when does MegaFon have a home Internet?
  • How much is the tariff for a smartphone + home Internet
  • Organizational matters
  • Save!

If you had no time to track which of the cellular operators allows you to connect, in addition to the mobile Internet, a home under the same brand, just know that in 2020 they are actually doing this. everything operators of the "big four". It's just that some of them have a home Internet provider - a subsidiary company in relation to a cellular operator, and somewhere on the contrary - a cellular operator “daughter” of a home Internet provider. Now we will not analyze all possible combinations at all, but will focus on the most unexpected for you - home Internet from ... MegaFon.

Since when does MegaFon have a home Internet?

Not so long ago by the standards of humanity, but not“Right yesterday” by the standards of cellular operators - “green” general tariffs for mobile communications, home Internet and digital TV appeared back in May 2019. That is, about a year and a half ago. And now it is already a whole tariff line of four tariffs with mobile communication + home Internet included.

How much is the tariff for a smartphone + home Internet

Now the line “Unite!»With home and mobile communication MegaFon offers four tariffs. Moreover, even the lowest tariff is so equipped with minutes and gigabytes for a smartphone that it is more likely to make a start when choosing with an eye to the number of Mbps for home Wi-Fi.

For everyone who has not yet switched to 2-in-1 tariffs /3-in-1, they are available with a 50% discount for three months. Moreover, the promotion will not end "tomorrow" - this price is still valid until August next, 2021! There is time to decide on the transition. In this article, we will tell you in detail about filling tariffs using the example of the Moscow region. All of Russia is very large, in your region the tariffs may differ, so check the information on the MegaFon website here

Basic tariff “Unite! Economy ”is an unlimited 50 Mbit / s on the home Internet and 700 minutes + 30 GB in the cellular tariff for a smartphone. At the same time, you get 61 digital channels for TV - a trifle, but it's nice, especially since the "operator" channels broadcast, as a rule, in a higher quality than channels through the terrestrial antenna DVB-T2.