First Air Energy Storage Facility Showcased in UK

The world's first large liquid air energy storage facility was unveiled in the UK.

It will use excess electricity fromwind farms at night to compress air at -196 degrees Celsius. Then, during the peak energy demand, the liquid air heats up and expands.

As a result, the flow of air will lead tothe movement of a turbine to generate electricity that can be sold back to the grid. The 50 MW plant near Manchester will store enough electricity to power approximately 50,000 homes.

The system was developed by Peter Deerman,a self-taught inventor from Hertfordshire, and was commercialized with a £ 10 million grant from the UK government.

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The researchers note that the installation may beeffective 60-70%, depending on how it is used. It's less efficient than batteries, but the advantage of liquid air is the low cost of storage tanks - so it can be easily scaled up.

Also, unlike batteries, storageLiquid air does not require minerals, which may become increasingly scarce as the world moves towards energy systems based on variable renewable energy.

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