Robots-waiters are tested in two Moscow Shokoladnitsa

The robots will appear in the Metropolis shopping center and Klimentovsky lane. If the test results are positive,

the project is being scaled to the entire network, said Vladykin.

Outwardly, the robot resembles a bookcase, on differentthe shelves of which you can place different trays. It will deliver orders to guests, ask them to take dishes from the appropriate tray and return everything to the sink.

The robot can communicate with the client using voice and also has lighting effects. The robot knows three languages ​​- Russian, English and Chinese - according to the principles and analogy with the well-known voice assistants.

The partner of Shokoladnitsa was LLC Infraprime Technology: the company provided robots for free. The average cost of one is around $ 12,000.

According to the CEO of Infoline-AnalyticsMikhail Burmistrov, so far robots are attracting more attention than actually improving logistics and production costs. However, during a pandemic, the initiative may become more relevant, as people are afraid of getting infected and prefer institutions with a minimum of people.

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