December will see a total solar eclipse and two starfalls

A total eclipse of the sun will occur on December 14, but on the territory of the Russian Federation it will not be possible to see it - full phase

the eclipse will last 130 minutes and pass as a small shadow across Chile and Argentina. The maximum phase of the eclipse (1.025) is expected at 19:13 Moscow time.

The lunar shadow will leave the mainland at 19:27 Moscow time in San Matias Bay. Further, it will continue to move along the Atlantic Ocean and will not reach the African coast quite a bit. The shadow will leave Earth at 20:53 Moscow time west of the coast of Namibia.

Press Service of the Moscow Planetarium

On the night of December 15, you can see the mostactive phase of the Geminid meteor shower. According to forecasts, up to 120 meteors will fly in the sky during a starfall. If the weather is cloudless, you can observe the process from anywhere on the Earth, but it will be more convenient to do this in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Ursida Stream will run from December 22nd to 23rd. It will reach maximum power on the second day. It is assumed that the number of meteors will be about 10 per hour.

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