China begins certification testing of the largest airliner in the country

As it became known, certification testing of the largest airliner is in full swing in Kaita right now.

in country C919. Moreover, if the published information is correct, six aircraft models take part in the tests at once.

Liner C919 is the largest, which was designed andbuilt by Chinese specialists, reports Flightglobal. The aircraft is 38.9 meters long and has a wingspan of 35.8 meters. At the same time, what is important, the development of C919 has been going on since the first half of the 2010s.

It is planned that the final version of the liner will beis presented in three models with different capacities: for 156, 168 and 174 passengers. The maximum weight with which the aircraft can take off is about 77 tons, while it is capable of flying at a speed of 834 km / h, and the distance covered by it at a time is 5.5 thousand km. It is expected that deliveries of the C919 will begin as early as 2021.