In China, they found a protein that can protect plants from viruses

The study authors believe their work can help improve the resilience of agricultural

cultures to viruses. This is essential for global food security.

A virus is a simple life form that can only hijack the body's protein assembly line in order to make copies of itself.

Zhao Zhong, professor who led the study

He added that his team has discovered a protein called Wuschel that can inhibit this process, that is, prevent the virus from multiplying.

The results of this work will help develop newways to address the challenge of increasing crop resilience to viruses for global food security, said Professor Zhao Zhong, who led the study.

Further research, the agency said,showed that Wuschel can be an effective antiviral tool for other types of cells, which is able to inhibit many viral infections. On the basis of this work, scientists plan to develop plant varieties that are highly resistant to viruses.

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