China has developed an interactive "living" floor for apartments

The network has information about a fresh development from China - interactive "living" floors, which

are not intended for large retail chains, but for ordinary apartments. It can be used to depict moving waves, fish, flowers and much more on the floor.

Unfortunately, the Chinese Threat Telegram channelwho published a video with a novelty, did not indicate the exact name of the product and who is its manufacturer. At the same time, judging by the available data, the coverage received several modes at once, including those that allow you to interact with the content that appears on the floor. It is also worth noting that there is no information about the start of sales and the cost of the new item.

As a reminder, today Xiaomi also announcedan unusual novelty: a "smart" bed, equipped with four engines at once. The device also received several modes and interesting functions, which, among other things, are designed to improve the user's sleep quality.