There will be no headphone adapter included with the iPhone 2018

When Apple introduced the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack in 2016, the company added a kit to the smartphone

Lightning adapter - 3.5mm to make transition easier. The company did the same with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in 2017.

It looks like this will change in 2018.



Analyst Matthew Ramsey thinks Apple has decidedremove the headphone adapter from the iPhone 2018 kit. Cirrus Logic supplies Apple with many audio components, including adapter parts that come with iPhone 7 and later. Similar rumors have already circulated.

The headphone jack can also be removed from the new iPad Pro line, complete with which there will also be no adapters.

With the iPhone, Apple is pushing hardwireless future. Since the company abandoned the headphone jack, the popularity of Bluetooth headphones has grown tremendously. It is unlikely that many will be disappointed by the lack of an adapter bundled with new smartphones. In any case, it can always be bought separately for a small price.