Included with iPhone 2019 will be charging USB Type-C

Apple is due to launch the new iPhone 2019 and Apple Watch in September. Thanks to numerous rumors, we are already

We know what to expect. Recently, the network has reported that Apple is finally moving from traditional charging to USB Type-C. Accordingly, a Lightning to USB-C cable will be included with smartphones.

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If true, Apple will finally be able toprovide fast charging of smartphones, while leaving them with a Lightning connector. It is worth noting that earlier the same source claimed that USB-C charging will come bundled with the iPhone 2018, but this turned out to be untrue. This time the information is also confirmed by the second source. In addition, last year the company added a USB Type-C connector to the iPad Pro.

The iPhone 11 and 11 Max should have batteries with increased capacity for reverse wireless charging, with which Apple Watch and AirPods can be charged from smartphones.

It's not a secret that the popularity of USB Type-Cgrowing rapidly, especially on smartphones with Android. Current iPhone models are still bundled with a 5W power adapter. Smartphones support faster charging, but the USB-A adapter cannot provide it. Apple may not have been switching to USB-C for so long because of the sheer amount of accessories with traditional connectors.

USB Type-C power adapter will be a big plus for new models, because it can charge them faster.