Walmart stores will start using AR

Walmart will open four test stores across the U.S. to build new

technologies and tools that willmeet the needs of both offline customers and online shoppers. The changes will affect augmented reality (VR) technology, portable mobile devices, new applications, signage and updated point-of-sale terminals.

Engineers will use these fourtest centers to test solutions in real time, make changes, scale what works, and discard what doesn't. Some of the changes will be immediately visible to the customer, but others will only be used by store employees.

At launch, Walmart identified four areas where the company wants to test new ideas: assortment, inventory, picking, and checkout.

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The new application will speed up the delivery time of goodsfrom the warehouse to the sales area, while the client will be able to look at clothes and try them on using augmented reality (AR) technology. Another experiment uses a combination of handheld devices and in-store signage to help employees better navigate products. The company claims that this will speed up the search process by 20%.

Four stores can test others tootechnologies and digital solutions in the future. Two stores are already operational, two more stores are planned to be commissioned in the near future. Each store will have four new employees who will help with prototypes.

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