A group was created in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to combat the Internet resources that manipulate the minds of adolescents

The search for dubious resources will be carried out by representatives of the Main Directorate of Criminal

search) and other departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In particular, representatives of the GUUR analyze information on the Internet and identify informal youth associations carrying out illegal activities, the Interior Ministry said.

All information received is subject to verificationthe presence of signs of unlawful acts. The established addresses are blocked on the basis of court decisions and requirements for administrators of Internet resources due to their destructive nature.

Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In particular, they gave an example of the activitiesyouth groups promoting the AUE subculture (stands for "the prisoner way of life" or "prisoner criminal unity", banned in Russia), whose work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB was previously suppressed. In particular, the ministry explains, in 2019, law enforcement officers exposed a group whose members extorted money from college students under the pretext of helping prisoners and protecting them from other criminal groups.

Recall that the informal movement AUE 17August was recognized as extremist by the Supreme Court. Sites and communities dedicated to him want to block. In addition, the participants of the cells are planned to be entered into a single register.

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