Apple Patent Speaks “Universal” AirPods with Comfortable Design

The network has another Apple patent. As usual, it doesn’t mean that the technology will really appear,

but we can understand what Apple engineers and designers are working on.

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However, some of the technologies referred to in the patents are still being implemented. The last one talks about the new AirPods features.

The first one is universal design,thanks to which both AirPods will fit in both ears, which is very convenient. In this case, I would not have to worry about the left earphone being in the left ear. This is possible thanks to biometric sensors in each earphone. In addition, it will simplify the replacement of the earphone in case there are problems with it.

Here is a short excerpt from an Apple patent:



This statement applies to headphones with one ormore biometric sensors. At least one biometric sensor will have to rest against the ear for biometric measurements. The body of the headphones will be symmetrical so that each one fits comfortably in any ear. Using sensors, the headphones will determine which ears they are in and adapt to it.

Biometric sensors work bestwhen tightly attached to the skin. The plastic case of current AirPods may interfere with this. The patent refers to other material. It is not known how all this should look as a result, but the design of the headphones would be very different from the current ones.

Recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple will release AirPods with wireless charging in early 2019, and headphones with a new design will not be released until 2020.

Universal headphones are what Apple is definitely interested in. According to sources, the company is working on new overhead universal headphones that can be released in 2019.