Second major oil spill in Russia in a week: this time in Primorye

What happened?

An oil spill occurred in the water area of ​​the port of Nakhodka in the Primorsky Territory.

The plant's management said that a spill of unknown origin was discovered on the afternoon of October 21.

Unmanned aerial vehicle recordeda spot with an area of ​​34,775 sq. m. Water samples were taken for analysis. Presumably, the pollution spread from the pier of LLC “Transbunker Primorye”. The exact source of the leak is established.

Press service of Rosprirodnadzor

The pollution of the bay off the coast of Nakhodka is also reported on the website of the city administration. It says there was "an unknown substance" in the sea.

The aerial images published on the Nakhodkinsky Port Telegram channel show that the water area near the port is covered with oil streaks. The slick spreads from the Primorsky Shipyard.

Photo from the Telegram channel "Nakhodkinsky Port",

Where did it happen?

The spill was discovered in the water area of ​​PortEastern Gate - Primorsky Plant ". The management of the enterprise qualified it as “a substance of unknown origin”, but an oil skimmer is working on the spot. Municipal boiler houses have nothing to do with the state of emergency, said the deputy mayor of Nakhodka Anton Shevchenko, "no fuel leaks were found."

Note that the plant owns an industrialan area of ​​64 hectares with port berths on the shores of the Nakhodka Bay. The company builds fishing, merchant ships and tankers, also repairs diesel engines, fuel equipment, water and heat boilers, etc.

What are they doing?

Rosprirodnadzor employees took water samples, the source of the spill is being established. According to the local newspaper, local residents reported spills and rainbow spots on the water in the water area back in June.

Rosprirodnadzor took water samples. The source of the pollution is being established. The administration of Nakhodka is deciding on the localization of pollution, including the installation of booms. It is planned to involve rescuers.

Source from the government of Primorsky Krai

The environmental prosecutor's office organized an inspection of the spill. Vera Grinchenko, senior assistant to the prosecutor for legal support, interaction with the media, spoke about this.

The area of ​​contamination is reported to be about 35 thousand. sq. m, which is equal to 3.5 hectares. In relation to the area of ​​the entire Bay, Nakhodka is a relatively small territory. Despite this, experts say that negative consequences cannot be avoided.

Under the oil slick, marine life can feelnot doing well. Phytoplankton, zooplankton living in the surface layers of water can die, photosynthesis is disrupted. If oil pollution spreads into the water column, then at high concentrations, shellfish may die, he said.

Vladimir Rakov, Doctor of Biological Sciences and Researcher, Laboratory of Marine Ecotoxicology, Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The city administration noted that the leakthe substances were discovered on October 21. Specialists quickly went to the site and examined all the nearest municipal boiler houses, but did not find any fuel leaks from them.

Specialists installed booms at the site of the oil spill.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources andenvironment of the Primorsky Territory, at the moment, at the site of the alleged spill of oil products, booms are installed to prevent further spread of the source of pollution. Spill area is being specified.

Authorities report

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