In Russia, another case of infection after vaccination "Sputnik V"

We have recorded one case of a medical worker with a new coronavirus infection after

vaccination with the first dose of a two-component vaccine.

Elena Zelenina, Deputy Minister of Health of the Region

She noted that the disease was recorded onthe fifth to sixth days after vaccination, "therefore, it is not possible to say that this is directly related to vaccination, taking into account the incubation period."

Zelenina recalled that immunity to the virus begins to form after the first dose of the vaccine, but finally appears after the second.

Vaccination against coronavirus began in Kuzbassback in October. Then the first 42 doses, which were delivered to the region, were received by volunteer doctors from the Kemerovo infectious diseases hospital, as well as employees of the blood transfusion center and polyclinics of the city.

Recall that on the eve of November 11, it became knownabout three infected doctors from the Altai Territory. The situation was explained in a similar way: the doctors did not have time to develop immunity, which is formed within six weeks.

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