A radioactive package was found at the border in Russia

Vladivostok customs, on the Russian border, found and detained a radioactive parcel. According to the department,

its background radiation exceeded the norm by 27 times, and it went to our country from Hong Kong.

So, as part of the standard procedure for radiationcontrol, customs officers found a bag with parcels, RIA Novosti reports. On checking it turned out that its background radiation, according to the dosimeter readings, exceeded the norm by tens of times. At the same time, according to available data, an increased level of ionizing radiation was found in one of the postal items weighing less than 100 grams.

The documents accompanying the parcel indicated thatthat the shipment consists of gas equipment. According to preliminary estimates, there was a metal element in the shape of a cylinder inside. Now the radioactive package is being studied by Rospotrebnadzor specialists.