In Russia, operators were allowed to create a joint venture to develop 5G

Recall that in 2019, MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Rostelecom agreed and signed an agreement on

to jointly develop and use 5G inRussia. Operators must ensure access to frequencies for all industry representatives, for example, virtual mobile operators, as well as agree on all conditions with the FAS.

A year later, the FAS agreed on the deal on the condition that the parties to the agreement are obliged to maintain non-discriminatory access to radio frequencies for all representatives of the cellular market.

Now to the participants of the joint venture (joint venture)it is necessary to develop and agree with the antimonopoly authority the conditions for the joint use of radio frequencies, the use of infrastructure and the conditions for access to it. One of the options for joint organization: work with equal shares, aimed at clearing the frequency resource sufficient for the participants to build their own 5G networks.

To build 5G networks, you need a range of 3.4-3.8GHz - it is the most suitable for massive network coverage, but in Russia it is occupied by law enforcement agencies, therefore, operators were offered frequencies in the range of 24.25-24.65 GHz.

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