Russia has come up with self-cleaning clothing for cosmonauts

The Russian company COPPLIFE has come up with self-cleaning clothing for astronauts. The authors of the development have already

offered their services to Roskosmos.

TASS writes that the proposal was discussed duringForum "Army-2020". Designed clothes do not need to be washed. It includes copper nanoparticles that will kill all bacteria. These clothes can be used for work or training.

The authors of the project claim that the astronauts aftersocks of clothes you just need to pack them, and in a day it will be completely cleaned. One set of such things will last for four months. After this period, the nanoparticles cease to work.

Four months may seem like a short time toany person who lives on Earth. But astronauts in orbit are forced to use disposable clothing, which is enough for three to four days. The fact is that it is impossible to wash things on the International Space Station (ISS).