Development institutions are being reformed in Russia: Rusnano and Skolkovo will give up VEB.RF. the main thing

What institutions are being liquidated?

Will be liquidated:

  • Monocities Development Fund,
  • JSC "Special
    economic zones ",
  • Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT),
  • Rosinfokominvest,
  • Technological Development Agency,
  • Three structures responsible for the development of the Far East.

Part of the functions of eight more development institutions will be redistributed between VEB.RF and federal executive authorities. These development institutions themselves will be eliminated.

Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia

Why does VEB.RF need it?

On the basis of VEB.RF, a large investment block will be formed, under the management of which corporations will pass:

  • Skolkovo,
  • Rusnano,
  • Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs,
  • Corporation "SME",
  • Russian Export Center,
  • EXIAR,
  • Industrial Development Fund,
  • Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Fund).

Institutions with similar functions will combine:

  • STLC and VEB-Leasing will be reorganized into the United Leasing Company.
  • Dom.RF and SME Bank will become one “universal” bank.
  • The Russian Venture Company (RVC) will be taken over by RDIF.
  • The Russian Foundation for Basic Research will be merged with the Russian Science Foundation.
  • The Housing and Utilities Reform Assistance Fund and the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens - Participants in Shared Construction will be merged into a single Housing and Utilities Reform Fund.

All this will help to reduce duplicating functions and form 5 large development institutions.

The new structure will retain strategically important organizations

They will develop specific industries andmaintain the country's defense capability. We are talking about such corporations as Rosatom, Roskosmos, Rostec, Rosavtodor, Rosagroleasing, Rosselkhozbank, the Deposit Insurance Agency, the Russian Environmental Operator, DOM.RF, the Far East Development Corporation and the North Caucasus Development Corporation.

At the same time, the joint-stock company "Resorts of the North Caucasus" will become a Tourism Corporation.

This will make development institutions more efficient and reorientate them towards achieving national development goals approved by the presidential decree.

Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of Russia


The Prime Minister said that among the new reformsthere will be a simplification of the procedure for placing engineering networks, rural roads and village streets. Now it is possible not to obtain a building permit in order to build these objects.

The innovation, according to Mishustin, shouldreduce the time for preparing documentation by six months, and in some cases up to a year. Despite this, the state will continue to monitor the use of land plots and, above all, compliance with the safety of work.

Digital format of public services

Another topic concerns digitalizationpublic services and administrative procedures. The government is expanding the list of online services that exporters can get in a "one window". All of them will be available for entrepreneurs in their personal accounts.

Now the system is launched only in test mode: however, it is planned that in the near future it will be available to everyone.

The service for searching foreignbuyers, as well as an assistant in the formation of a number of analytical reports on the structure and directions of exports. In addition, it will be possible to apply in electronic form for measures of state support, for example, for obtaining a subsidy for participation in congress and exhibition events.

So the authorities want to free small and medium-sized businesses from paperwork.

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